• Mary Eileen Johnston

Louis Braille Series

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

SEPA AGO is seeking to compile a list of organists and professional musicians who are blind. With the 2017 film release of “Braille Music,” directed by American filmmaker Michael House, SEPA AGO is planning for the greater awareness, interest, and education about Louis Braille (b.1809, Coupvray, France).

Why? Himself an organist, Braille developed the first code for tactile communication enabling persons with visual impairment to communicate to each other. What the general public knows, marginally, as “Braille” is the legacy which bears his name as the international standard to today. If you know of someone who meets this criterion, please contact our Dean. Looking forward to this developing!

At Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, historic organ home of former (blind) music director/organist, David D. Wood (marble relief). Here, Suzanne Erb, blind organist, singer, and advocate for people who have disabilities connects tactilely with Wood’s face.

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